Dear Dr. Misty!


I count the day we met as one of the most significant days of my life. Not only did you do what Western medicine was failing to do, as it relates to my particular case, you refused to label me or classify me as a statistic (because of the color of my skin). Rather, you treated me as an individual.


Additionally, you taught me that so much of my physical well-being goes hand-in-hand with my emotional wellness, releasing trauma and manifesting positive outcomes and healing.  


You care deeply for your clients. You invest a piece of you into each and everyone needing it. You dig until you find answers, not to diagnose, but to help those of us suffering from trauma and stress-induced weaknesses that keep us from operating at our full capacity.


I will never be able to thank you enough for being open to working with me, being gentle yet firm when needed, and for always helping me reach my wellness and emotional goal.


You will always be highly recommended by me!


Sincerely, Your Client,

Felicia J.

Dr. Misty,


Medications and surgery have their place as treatment options. I still take a prescription for migraines because it is about the only thing that works right now.

While pills and surgery are appropriate for some things, lifestyle changes has certainly done me some good, whether it was changing my diet, moving my body more, changing my thoughts, or healing some of my emotional trauma or pain. 

Thank you. I am better. Thank you so much!

Susan A.

I  A M  W E L L  Y O U  A R E  W E L L  W E  A R E  W E L L  I  A M  W E L L  Y O U  A R E  W E L L