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Waking Up to Wellness

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Good morning. Welcome to a new day.

Yesterday is gone. Whatever happened yesterday is over. Does it still hurt? Of course. Residuals from yesterday will always live in the subconscious. But today is a new day.

Every day gives us a new opportunity. We can start again. We can choose to do something differently. We can open our hearts to a new path. We can wake up.

What does it mean to wake up?

Our lives are filled with constant messages, images, pre-disposed norms - and they all have a consequence. When we are blind to the ulterior motives behind all the things coming at us, we fall for their wiles, we blindly believe what we consume. Having an outward perspective leaves us completely vulnerable to outside influences, or being asleep.

However, when we look for validation from an inward perspective, we are not as easily seduced by the outward things. It is there that we can begin to wake up.

Are you asleep at the wheel?

Everyone has their own journey, their own path to wellness, or enlightenment.

Some people simply do not care. They will eat their fast food and drink their sugar until they die. Their reasoning is usually that it makes them happy.

Other people justify their vices by doing something they deem to be super healthy. They will go for runs for hours believing that will offset the bottle of wine they drink a night. Or they have a super clean diet and do everything "right" as an apology for the pack of cigarettes they smoke.

Then you have the hardcore, workout-daily type that presents as super fit but has a toxic personality.

Regardless of where you fall on the wellness spectrum, chances are good that you are subconsciously unaware of some aspect of your health. And in that subconscious lies all the work there is to do on yourself.

How can you wake up?

Wellness is not just about what you eat or how much exercise you get. It encompasses every part of your mind, body, and spirit. It includes your relationships, career, education, social life, spirituality - all the things in life that influence your health.

Now that you have a clearer view of what influences your health, tap into your intuition. Think about something in your life that you know needs improvement. Is it something simple like what you eat, or how much you move? Maybe it is something much deeper; perhaps your relationship with a loved one or your relationship with the planet.

How can you improve your situation? How can you do better and be better? What one conscious decision can you make towards positive change? How can you begin to wake up?

Wellness is an inside job.

Think about this: Everyone is doing the best they can in the moment.

Cynicism says, "That's not good enough".

Pessimism says, "I can't do any better, because of my circumstances".

Optimism says, "I think I can do better".

Hope says, "I can do better despite my circumstances".

Everyone is in a different place, and it is important to recognize where YOU are in the moment. Do you take responsibility for your life? Or do you blame others for where you are in life? These two extremes fall along the wellness path, and only you have the power to change it.

Your level of wellness depends on you and what is inside of you. You have trauma to heal, you have changes to make, you have patterns to shift, you have beliefs and norms and messages to challenge! And you will find all of that inside of you. Your subconscious houses it, now let your heart and your intuition guide you.

Today, your possibilities are endless. You have choices to make and you are continuing to move forward on your wellness journey.

Congratulations on getting this far.

Keep going! Keep waking up!

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