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Sweat Equity

The housing market is c.r.a.z.y. right now! People's homes are worth double, triple, and in some cases almost quadruple what was originally paid for them! Buyers are buying places sight unseen, and for more than asking price. Sellers can in some cases PICK their buyers. C.r.a.z.y.

Real estate values shift and change with the fluctuating market. Sometimes we view our home as more or less valuable as the market would. But in all cases, we are grateful to even have a home.

When selling it, the house usually needs some updating, maybe some repairs. The home needs work. But who does the work? A professional? Or you? Sweat equity comes in the form of doing the work ourselves.

Home Base

Now let's look at your body as your home. What is the value of your home?

Maybe you could view it through the lens of your job. You have to use it for your job; how much do you get paid? Perhaps you use it to volunteer at a food bank, or coach a little league, or any number of community give-backs. Those are likely priceless to the people you help.

You could look at it in terms of what you feed it, how you clothe it, what physical activities it does. Maybe it needs some work. Perhaps you got too comfortable in it? Or, maybe you are not comfortable in it at all!

So who does the work on your home? A professional? Or you?

Do the Work

I would offer that YOU, as a "home" owner, do the work. Let's set aside any major medical issues and just look at the basics.

Your home, or body, needs daily maintenance: air, water, food, rest. Without these things, your home is not livable. Now, let's take a closer look at your daily maintenance.

Breathing is important, obviously. But mindful breath can calm your nervous system and put you in a healing space. Ever heard of rest and digest? Well, this is the calming of the nervous system in order to do the other two important basics - sleep and eat.

When you sleep, your body releases hormones that relax your muscles, reduces inflammation, and helps repair the body. This process also gives you energy to face the next day.

Food is fuel. Are you running on the appropriate fuel for your body? Your home? Think of it in terms of a car. Do you put diesel in your electric car? Of course not. Be mindful of what you eat, because the better and more appropriate the fuel, the better the performance.

Our bodies, or homes, are made up of a LOT of water. And in order to keep it running properly, we must respect the body's need for water! Just water.

So, your basics are extremely important when it comes to taking care of your home! Mindful breathing, reparative sleep, optimal fuel, and just water are all elements of doing the work.

What's Next

Oh! You are doing well with the basics?! And now you want to put in some sweat equity?! Great!

Finding what kind of exercise is right for your body is important. Here are some good resources for the different ability levels:

Some like to the idea of a personal trainer. But in these crazy times, who wants to go to a gym? If you are up for a personalized touch with a virtual option, try Beyond the Gym Kara will take good care of you. @btgwellco

Is yoga more your speed? There are so many places to choose from, but rarely do you find the support you need. But this studio, especially Dixie who is an excellent yoga instructor, is good at giving direction and easy modifications: . They are going back to in-studio classes, but there are still classes online. @youryogaaustin

Would you like an even more gentle approach? Jesse is a movement specialist who helps you raise your awareness of your body and how it works. He's a Gift Economy Practitioner, offering one-on-one consultations, twice a week movement classes, online programs, and literally 100's of movement videos on Youtube for free as a gift to the community. He is generous with his knowledge and indeed gentle with his approach. Check him out at or at @taofitness.

As both a fan and a client of all of the above, I recommend exploring what they have to offer your home. To complete the sweat equity, you may also consider a Mindful Wellness Program, complete with personalized exercises and many more tools to keep your home healthy.

Your home is your sanctuary. If you don't take care of it, who will!? Put in the work and keep it in good condition. The sweat equity you put into your home today will help you live a longer, healthier life.

Be well, Friends

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