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Personal Freedom

I hear a lot of people lately concerned for their "personal freedoms".

The conflict seems to be over whether or not someone's right to their own body and the space they take up in public is being infringed upon. But how does one's decision to exercise "personal freedom" impact others, especially during a global health threat? This idea of having "personal freedom" seems to be void of any "personal responsibility", or even basic concern for others.

Every one of us has a responsibility to see our part in all things. People's fragility around their unwillingness to look at their own part they play in the bigger picture tends to spark a divide.

People are only seeing the world from one dimension. They are also forgetting that they do not live in a vacuum. In terms of wellness, this one dimension outlook is a problematic stance.

Public Health is Our Responsibility

EVERYTHING you do ripples into the world ~ energetically, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Everything.

To be well includes community and connection to others. We are all connected beings - souls - energies - whatever you choose to call it. We are one. When we make decisions for our health and wellbeing, we must consider how it will ripple out into the world around us.

Of course, some will not always feel close to their community, or even know their neighbors. That does not change the fact that personal health decisions can come at a price to public health.

What do you do to help keep yourself safe?

What do you do to keep others safe?

Does that matter to you?

This is a self-reflection exercise that can be uncomfortable for some.

You are not an Island

People believe themselves to be good, and right, and virtuous. They are often deeply steeped in their faith and family. They are salt of the earth. As good as those people seem to be in many ways, they fail to view the world from another's perspective - perhaps because they were not taught to do so, or they are unaware and uneducated about differences, or they flat refuse to be empathetic. Regardless, this hurts everyone, including themselves.

Generational trauma is at the root of a lot of this disconnect among us. It creates much fear and distrust of others. As I have written about before, generational trauma can be healed and this can minimize the damage done - to oneself or to those closest to us. It is this work that sets us on a track to healing ourselves, and helping to heal those around us. This disconnect to oneself can create a bigger divide among us all. And right now, it's a dangerous to ignore.

When we choose to listen to one another - not to change them or to fix them, but to hear them - that is when things will begin to shift. That is when successful communication can happen and the healing begins. That is the way to "personal freedom".

Come Together

From purely a wellness perspective, we are given choice in how we present ourselves or how we show up in the world. Do you want to show up every day with joy and love, or do you want to live in fear and constantly ready for battle?

Please do not misunderstand my point. I am not here to say that life is not full of battles to fight, or that we should not stand up for what is right and just. What I am hopefully conveying is that we as a society have a long history of killing one another. (For thousands of years.) And the only way to heal generational traumas, painful and unnecessary wars, and the continued self-inflicted illnesses of the soul is to come together for one another during difficult times. Like now.

There will always be the fringe folks who refuse to look at themselves, or their role in the suffering of others. But the rest of us along the spectrum of humanity have to be the ones to listen to one another and say, "I hear you. I see you. And because I care about myself, I also care about you." That is the way forward through this scary time.

Science is Real

Regardless of what you believe to be true about science, (and remember, science is real whether you choose to believe it or not), we are facing a global, microscopic force. We must come together if we want to survive.

There has been a lot of unnecessary loss due to most of us not seeing how our actions can impact others' lives. While we ourselves are struggling to find a new normal, let's be mindful that not everyone is having the same experience. Let's be mindful that we all need to be kind, considerate, and respectful of our neighbor's health.

Let's also be mindful that we ALL deserve "freedom". But if we are too busy fighting, then none of us are free. And many will not survive.

That's too expensive, Friends.

Join me in committing to stay distanced and doing that things that keep us all safe.

Allow science some time to catch up to what we all wish to have once again:

Personal Freedom.

Be well, Friends

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