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Help is on the Way

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The state of the world right now is overwhelming. On top of it all, a global pandemic has become the new topic for division.

We are definitely not all having the same experiences. Some of us are comfortably ordering food and supplies safely from our homes, while we work remotely, virtually schooling our kids. Some of us are desperately seeking work and trying to figure out how to keep from losing our homes. Others are literally fighting for their lives.

With so much uncertainty in the world, it is hard to know what role to play and how to help or find help. But first, we must help ourselves. In order to heal the world, you must first heal yourself.

Every great teacher in history has the same message: Love yourself. Of course they all say it differently, and it usually involves a deity, but if you break it down into the simplest of terms, being loving, kind, and compassionate to oneself is the path to healing.

Now we are in bumpy territory. If you are in a scary or unhealthy situation in life, how can you just suddenly shift your focus to a loving place? That is a fair question. There are many factors to consider and this is not meant to dismiss them in any way. So, let's look at it from a different lens.

Imagine the Universe. Now imagine YOU are the Universe. Your brain and all its thoughts are the deity. The trillions of cells in your body are its followers. You, essentially, are the Master of YOUR Universe. The things you tell your body are the gospel. What will your message be? Will it be one of forgiveness? Grace? Nurturing? Compassion? Kindness? Love?

Think about your inner dialogue. What does it normally consist of? Are you overly critical? Are you shaming? Are you pessimistic? Are you guilt-ridden? Your thoughts and self-talk creates your experience. Now, I know all of this is deep-seeded and is not necessarily an easy pattern to break because it's rooted in childhood trauma. And that trauma doesn't just disappear with positive thought. Healing is a life-long journey.

Here's the good news AND the bad news. You are the stories you tell yourself.

When we continue to tell the same traumatic story over and over, we embed that story, that reality, into our cells. We relive it. We embody it. We exude it. We ARE it.

Change only happens when you change your story.

When we begin to turn our beliefs about ourselves from "I am not worthy, I am a loser, I am stuck here" to "I am worthy, I am a winner, I am fluid" then things will begin to shift.

Many are stuck in the cynical belief that this is just woo-

woo thinking and that it holds no merit in healing. I say to them, you are what you tell yourself. It is truly that simple.

What does every great story of overcoming some circumstance entail? A mind shift. A perspective change. A belief in oneself. Without that, there is no foundation for change. There has to be self love; a belief in oneself to be what they want to be or accomplish what they set out to accomplish.

Which brings it back to you. Your mind-shift, your perspective change, your belief in yourself IS the path to healing. Welcome to your salvation. YOU are the help that is on the way.

Be well, friends.

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Feb 12, 2021

Thank you for re-minding me, that "I AM" THE HELP ON THE WAY. It empowers me to know I can help myself with a perception change and a true mind-shift. For me, it takes a willingness to change the stories I tell myself and begin healing my heart with new stories and visions for my life moving forward. Thank you for being a light in the dark, guiding us on our way to true wellness. I look forward to your blog and all the beautiful wellness tools you will be providing to me, the community and the planet. I am well. You are well. We are well.


Alissa Magrum
Alissa Magrum
Feb 11, 2021

This is beautiful Dr. Misty and so incredibly true and real. Thank you. In the words of one of my most respected teachers, Pema Chodron- "Stop the Story" and then yes, begin a new one and let it be written through the heart filter and a lens of gentle compassion. loving kindness and acceptance of our beautiful selves. Keep doing what you are doing. You are impacting lives with this work. Thank you.

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