Wellness delivered to your door.


About Us

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Welcome to Today, I Am Well. I am happy you are here. 

My name is Misty L. Hillin. I am a health practitioner with 12 years of experience. I like to call myself a wellness guide, because I help people along their own wellness journey. No two people will have the same experience - even with the same ‘ailment’. 

As a massage therapist, I know the importance of unconditional touch and relaxation. With my doctorate in physical therapy, I gained extensive knowledge about the body. And with my additional certifications and continuing competence trainings, I have expanded my knowledge base exponentially to include all aspects of health ~ mental, emotional, and physical.

My dream is to have a place to gather and share knowledge on health and wellness using the various techniques that I have learned. I want to guide and inspire others to find ways to feel better, perform better, live better. I have searched and worked within my challenges (physical, mental, and emotional) to improve my own health and wellbeing. And I aspire to share the information with others. But until I am able to build a location, I created Today, I Am Well and am offering a wellness experience delivered straight to your door. 

Each Wellness Box will feature items I have personally vetted and believe to be beneficial on some level ~ mentally, physically, or emotionally. Most of them will be local items from my hometown of Austin, TX. I will also prioritize entities that give back to the community, as I believe giving back is essential for wellness. Some items will be specific for pain, or relaxation, or may be included just for fun. I want each delivery to be a delightful experience, sent with love and healing intention.

Today, I Am Well and I hope you are too.